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A Company with 50 + employees and government contracts over $50,000 is required by law to have an Affirmative Action Plan in place for each of its establishments.  Qualifying Employers are subject to random compliance audits by the OFCCP.   Additionally, a current Affirmative Action Plan document is always requested in an employee discrimination complaint investigation.

HR 911 Consulting ® offers Affirmative Action Plans at very reasonable rates, with satisfied clients though out the United States.  Our "easy to understand" plans, tailored to each client's needs, have received many compliments.

Let HR 911 Consulting ®  put your mind at ease, keep you in compliance and help you avoid EEOC Penalties.  All that is needed is some workforce information, which is easy to assemble and can be quickly sent to us as an email attachment. 

Targeted for an audit or have some other critical need ?  No problem,  HR 911 Consulting ®  will give your order priority scheduling  to support its timely completion as requested.

Affirmative Action Plans are required to include narrative plan language and detailed statistical analyses.  Click the "Affirmative Action Plans"   button above to gain a clear understanding of each plan component and to view sample reports of each analysis.

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Compensation Equity Analysis: 

We can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your location's compensation practices by gender and minority status in accordance with new OFCCP regulation revisions per CRF §§ 60-2.  Don't wait until its to late to find out if you are in compliance ...prepare now!


Standard Affirmative Action Plan features: 

As a result of recent regulatory changes to CRF §§ 60-1 and CRF §§ 60-2 Affirmative Action Plans are now required to include specific narrative plan language and six detailed statistical analyses. The narrative plan language is designed to clearly identify management responsibility,  while the statistical reports help determine the overall effectiveness of the program.

Statistical Reports: 

   Organizational Profile or  Internal Workforce Analysis

   Job Group Analysis
   Availability (new 2-Factor) Analysis
   Utilization Analysis (new weighted averages)
   Impact Ratio (4/5ths) Analysis
   Goal Setting

Using “best practices” statistical processing techniques, spreadsheets are customized to support your specific reporting requirements. 

Narrative Language:  

  Responsibility for Implementation
  Identification of Problem Areas
  Development & Execution of Action Oriented Programs
  Internal Audit & Reporting Systems
We provide you with the required explanations for any identified areas of concern, develop your plan goals (if needed) and include recommendations for improvement. 
We also include the following in your plan document since their compliance is required under other allied regulations and are always requested during an OFCCP audit.
  Guidelines for Sex Discrimination & Sex Harassment
  Guidelines for Religion & National Origin  
  Guidelines for Veterans
  Guidelines for Disabled

Executive Summary:

  You’ll like our exclusive Executive Summary.  It’s a great tool to quickly present plan results to management and use during implementation training.  It includes a highlights summary, a goals summary and an impact ratio summary.  You also get our five-page AAP implementation checklist to help streamline follow-up activity.

Goal Setting

If the Availability & Utilization analyses shows that underutilization of more than 80% exists for either females or minorities in a  Job Group, the Company commits to making good faith efforts to hire and promote females or minorities into that Job Group  in the future in percentages that are at least as high as the final availability (goal setting).

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